Learn how to love your body shape!

Many women often do not know what styles suit them best and commonly make mistakes in choosing the right outfits to match their body shapes, consequently this results in dissatisfaction, sadness and even frustration from their body figures.

To help prevent the above, we will try to define the most common body shapes for women and check the do's and don’ts for each figure. Consequently, once you know how to expose your body in a right way and see how beautiful you would appear in the

styles we are proposing, you will learn to love your body lines and curves no matter your shape and size, results guaranteed!

The most common body shapes for women are the following:

The Apple shape or the triangle downward:

You have a proportionally larger upper body, broad shoulders and an ample bust. Your hips are slim and your bottom is most likely slim or flat. Your waist is subtle and you generally gain weight in your belly and upper body first. Your best assets are your legs.

If you have an apple shape, you should wear narrow V necks, tops with a nipping at the waist and tailored shirts and jackets. You should also opt for dark colored tops. As for bottoms, you should choose the bottom that would enhance your lower body the most by balancing your upper body, therefore good choices would be boot cut, cargo and wide legs pants or A line/A shaped skirts.

The Banana shape, or the straight rectangle:

Your waist is not very defined, your bottom is rather flat than round, you firstly gain weight in your upper body then in your thighs, your legs are well shaped and are considered your best assets and your hips and bust are balanced.

If you have a banana shape, it is best to choose tops that would add curves to your upper body and help you define your waist. You should opt for the boat neck tops and V or U necks. Another suggestion would be to go for any top embellished around the bust and shoulders and tops that are flowing around the bust. As for bottoms, you should consider a pant or skirt that would help you add curves to your body; like cargo pants or pants with flared legs, full or bubble skirts and mid to low-rise waists with wide waistbands or any detail that would create the illusion of curved hips.

The Pear, Spoon, or Bell shape or the triangle upward:

Your hips are larger than your bust, you have a defined waist, you are most likely to gain weight in your belly and are subject to having love handles. Your best assets are your lower legs and your arms.

If you have a pear shaped figure, you should balance your upper and lower body while accentuating your waist. To do so, you should opt for boat neck tops, wide V or U necks, tops with embellishments around the shoulders/ bust and strapless tops that show off the shoulders. As for bottoms, they should minimize the lower body, therefore they should not have any pockets or embellishments around the hips. On more tip, stay away from flared pants. Simple, mid-rise pants and dark colored ones would do. You should also go for the mini skirt to show off your legs or opt for the A line or pencil skirts instead as long as you pair them with the right top.

Finally, the Hourglass Shape or the triangles opposing, facing in:

Your bust and hips are well balanced and you have a beautifully defined waist, your shoulders align with your hips, your waist is obvious and curves out to your hips and you are most likely to have a rounded bottom.

To accentuate and show off your body figure, you should wear belted tops, tops with a nipping at the waist, form fitting tops or tailored shirts and jackets. As for bottoms, you can wear almost any bottom as long as it is paired with the right top! The bottom styles include the high waist pants and pencil skirts, boot cut, cargo style, straight legs or skinny pants and jeans.

Now that you have an idea about what body shape you might have, feel free to mix up styles, colors and shapes to your own taste, but most of all, embrace this shape as you are beautiful the way you are, you just need to show this beauty and pair it with a beautiful inside!

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