Tips on how to maintain the quality of your leather bag

Most beautiful and luxurious branded bags are made from top quality leathers, however these leathers (unlike the conception that they do not get damaged) usually need more care than others in order to preserve them for the longest possible period of time.

Therefore, it is crucial to know how to clean your preferred item and how to store it, in order to maintain it in a very good condition.

In general, the bag should be wiped with a soft dry cloth every other day which will help preserve its appearance for a long time. Should dirt start building up on it, wipe the bag down with a special cleaner for leather. It is also very important to remember that your bag has metal plated buckles or chains. These items usually need another special cleaner to have them shine again.

Always test any cleaner you are using on an inconspicuous corner before spreading the product on all the bag.

Please remember that all real leathers are permeable and are not entirely waterproof, therefore if your bag is not treated against water and gets splashes of it, please allow the water to dry naturally and do not subject it to high heat measures such as the use of a hairdryer. It will only make its skin wrinkle beyond salvage.

Ideally, you would not use your favorite leather bag during very bad weather. Otherwise, you could always look for other alternatives such as using beeswax creams on your bag which will create a barrier on it against water, or use a spray protectant which is less effective however could help preserve it in case of splashes. In both scenarios, always test the product you are using on a hidden corner before using it on the totality of the bag.

You should avoid at all costs the use of perfume near your leather bag since any splash or drop on it will damage the skin beyond repair. Also bear in mind that the color of your denim jeans will rub off on your leather bag therefore avoid keeping it in touch with denim at all costs.

Lastly but most importantly, you should know how to store your bag in order to keep it in its original state: always stash it in its original bag along with the small packs of silica gel, and fill it with butter paper, never with newspaper (which will smear) to maintain its shape. You should also air the bag once every two weeks to prevent humidity or the growth of mold from forming.

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