How to pack for your beach holidays!

Going on a summer getaway to a beach destination? Here are some tips for you to pack the perfect suitcase without any hassle!


Before you start packing, make sure to check the daily weather at your destination and to plan your days and activities. That way, you won’t need to throw in random “just in case” pieces that you will probably not use and you will know exactly which outfits you will need to take with you.

Opt for light cotton or caftan fabrics to keep you from the heat, the classic shorts or the printed/denim ones, stylish beach dresses, casual t-shirts and tank tops, and opt for slogan t-shirts as well; they are stylish when teamed up with shorts!

Don’t forget to pack a couple of party dresses, versatile skirts that you can match with different tops, cool linen shirts and pants for your night outings and a lightweight sweater or jacket to keep you from the late night summer breeze!


Unless you know you will be attending very glamorous parties/weddings at your destination, leave your high heels and classic shoes at home. For a relaxed stay, you will mostly need flats; a pair of sliders for the poolside, a pair of trainers if you’re going to be sight-seeing and a pair of dressy sandals or cool loafers for your evenings.


Pack your favorite swimwear and opt for the ones that flatter your shape the most. Ladies, don’t forget your glamorous bikini cover ups and make sure to pack a pair of practical swimwear as well, in case you will be up for some water adventures/activities during the day!


Leave your statement pieces at home as they will take too much space. Instead, pack some of your favorite lightweight pieces such as bracelets and necklaces to match your chosen outfits. Ladies, don’t forget to pack one or two pair of glitzy earrings for your nights out.

You would also need your preferred sunglasses to add style to your outfits, a stylish sunhat, a cool towel, a matching beach bag and a multipurpose cross body bag for both traveling and evening plans.

Now that you know what to pack, take note of these tips to optimize your suitcase space:

-Roll your items instead of folding them; it prevents wrinkling and saves more space than folding.

-Stuff your shoes and bags: this would Prevent them from getting damaged

Don’t forget your nightwear, toiletries, sun and after sun creams, fun inflatables, chargers, passport and most importantly your camera to make sure you capture the beautiful moments you will be having.

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